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Click here to JOIN or RENEW your membership to our local union.

Dues deductions from your paycheck have stopped!

If you choose to join, or continue to remain a member, the Division of Corrections can NO LONGER withhold your dues from your paycheck. You must sign-up here to remain a member.

Belonging to our union not only afford members work protection and experienced staff support for work grievances, membership in our local offers a number of great benefits. 

Membership is only $15 per month. While dues are no longer deducted from your paycheck, we now offer the convenient options of monthly ACH payments from your checking account or you may choose to pay by credit or debit card on the same day each month.

Your membership also includes a $5,000 life insurance benefit for full-time employees and you can add or change your beneficiary information when you enroll for dues ductions here. Members also enjoy updates to important legislation affecting workers employed by the West Virginia Division of Corrections as well as representation in fighting for pay raises and protections of employee benefits.

Membership includes access to our credit union and other discounts. You can learn more about these benefits at Union Plus.

Your support and membership will help us as we continue our fight for Hazard Pay for all correctional employees from the federal ARPA funds given to the state of West Virginia. Learn more about this effort!

For more information, contact us at 304-342-2023 or email us at